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    This comprehensive phpFox Add-on¬†allows users to upload their photos and videos to take part in competition with other users, taking full advantage of our natural competitive nature. The system automatically creates ‘Random Battles’ of uploaded user media for voting and commenting on. Users who would never ordinarily interact with each other will have the opportunity to do so with the creation of these randomly selected battles.

    Users can send ‘Challenge’ requests to individual users and the recipient has the option to accept or decline. Acceptance and completion of a media challenge appears in the phpFox feed for other users to comment and like.

    Different statistics regarding best and worst media are displayed on each page, along with a link to that users profile. This phpFox add-on fully utilises ‘LightBox’ when images are viewed and all videos appear in a convenient Ajax box for the user to manipulate as they wish.

    Scrolling images of all media partaking in battles appear on each page to create a visually stimulating product. Again, both ‘LightBox’ and Ajax are utilised for aesthetics and convenience.

    League tables are available for all to see which allows easy access to the top media and top user profiles. There are also league tables for the worst users and media uploaded for increased user interaction.

    Administrators have the ability to restrict all aspects of the product depending on user privileges. For example, you can restrict video uploads and challenge requests for designated user groups. All users can receive challenge request to entice them to upload media and create higher site traffic and interaction.


    Product Information

    • Fully multi-language
    • No core file edits

    User Features

    • Ability to upload photos
    • Ability to upload user Videos
    • Random Battles created of all user photos/videos
    • Users Vote on their preferred choice of media
    • ‘LightBox’ fully utilised for photo viewing pleasure
    • Full use of Ajax for form completion and video viewing.
    • Users can comment on each individual challenge
    • Users can send challenge requests to other users
    • Users can select the duration of the challenge
    • Users can keep track of their uploaded media and remove from battle at any time.
    • Scrolling images of all media uploaded on every page to view – at one click the user can view and image/video.
    • Continuously updated statistics of most/least voted media displayed on each page with link to that users profile.
    • Users can keep track of their challenge requests and accept or decline at any time.
    • Users can keep track of all their battles and challenges, both current and completed.
    • All users have access to league tables: ‘Top Voted Images’ ‘Top Voted Videos’, ‘Users with Most Challenges Won’, Top Voted Users’ and ‘Least Voted User’. All with links to view the media and the user profile.
    • Users will receive notifications for new, accepted and completed media challenges, both via PhpFox Notification process and the product’s own notification service.
    • Users will be a able to leave comments on the phpFox feed items and media challenges

    Administrators Features

    • Admins can select the length of the random battles with the use of simple drop down menus.
    • Admins can easily restrict individual sections of this phpFox module based on user group privileges. The numerous sections of this comprehensive mod means it can very easily be customised to your preferences.
    • Uploading videos and photos can be restricted.
    • Photo/video challenge requests can be restricted
    • Restrict the ability to vote on video battles
    • The admin can choose to allow users to view all the activity taking place (battles, challenges, league tables etc), but not partake depending on their user group setting.